Live your myth in Mpatta Peninsula

Live your myth in Mpatta Peninsula

divineresort divineresort February 17, 2018 Accommodation, Holidays

The first word that comes to mind when  you think about visiting Divine Resort & Spa on a remote island of Mpatta is adventure. You will  your day, not for what you could get done on that day.

Visiting on island means letting go of schedule-driven obligations. Anyone who has visited at Divine Resort or vacationed on this island can relate to that feeling of pure surrender.

Create Your Own Happy Hour

The only time that matters on an island is Happy Hour. Another term with vague origins — it did not originate, contrary to belief, as a marketing campaign or from a Jimmy Buffet song. Many sources date the phrase “happy hour” back over a century. While most often accompanied by cocktails, you can make any hour a happy hour.

I spent my early holidays visiting Mpatta peninsula in the middle of Lake Victoria. What started as a quick visit to Divine Resort between weekends turned into a holiday destination of choice on detaching from the bustle of everyday life.

Everyone I know wishes their weekends were longer. What if you lived five days a week like it was the weekend and spent two days being productive? That’s what we did on the island.

To play harder than you work, you’ll need to reconsider what you’re prioritizing. If you genuinely want to spend much time on the island, spend a few days a week focused on your most important and complex tasks. Then in your remaining days, make play a priority. Find creative ways to reconnect with your inner child.

Everyone at Divine Resort & Spa is waiting to see you here.