10 Things You Should Know

10 Things You Should Know

While there are plenty of resort options to choose from when planning your VACATIONS, not all of them have features that you will more than appreciate once you are there.

Choose a vacation at Divine Resort and we will help make your visit a little less chaotic and lot more enjoyable

Divine Resort & Spa is an all-inclusive resort, where throngs of locals and tourists convene to enjoy all the food, drink and sunshine they can handle.

Divine Resort & Spa isn’t just here to stay. It’s here to change the way you look at Mpatta Peninsula or your holidays. Here are 11 things to know about the Island’s first new resort built from scratch in more than so many years:

 1. Accessibility

Divine Resort needs to has fair connectivity with the surrounding context for you to easily access it. There are two ways to approach the site for those coming and going out. One can use the Gaba route by water and the other route is through Mukono by land.

2. Aesthetic Appeal

We know that a resort acts like a retreat for people to connect with the natural environment and enjoy their leisure time. For this reason, Divine Resort & Spa comes with an aesthetic appeal which is very essential besides its exterior and interior design.

3. Landscape Design

Divine Resort & Spa comes with nice spaces of ambience and adds greenery that is usually missing in the cityscapes. Our green zones in and around the property help to bind indoors and outdoors.

4. Swimming – Even though there are plenty of sparkling beaches available around the resort, most people still appreciate a convenient pool to take a dip in at the end of the day or a nice relaxing hot tub to soak their muscles.

5. Spa – Quite often, exciting vacations will leave you more drained than you were before it started. Choose an Divine Resort vacation for offers like spa to take a bit of time for yourself to relax and rejuvenate.

6. After Dark Fun – It is always a bonus to find a resort that offers a nice bar that you can unwind with a drink after a long day of adventure and sun, this way you are just a few steps away from your room when you’re ready to dream about tomorrow.

7. 24-hour Guest Services – Vacations do not always run on time or according to schedule, Divine Resort always has a real person there to greet you and get you checked in no matter what time your arrive.

8. Dining Area – You do not realize how handy a dining area is whether you are beginning or ending your fun-filled day. This is a much more convenient option than having to make an extra stop for food.

9. Fun for Everyone

Divine Resort is more than a symbol for getting away, beaches and warm or weather. It also represents fun for everyone (not just kids).  You can play lots of games and have fun round the resort, at the lake,  relax by the pool or on the beach, and enjoy an exotic meal at any of the resort’s restaurant.

10. Sleep:

Sleep more than eight hours straight, take a nap under a coconut tree or lounge in a hammock as you watch the world go by, all under the warm sun for that perfect tan that looks fantastic.

And oh, there’s an 11th one but til next time

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