Romantic Dinners

Romantic Dinners

A Convenient Lakefront Location Sets the Scene for an Effortless Stay

On behalf of Divine Resort & Spa, we would like to welcome you for your romantic dinner.   Thank you for your interest shown in Divine Resort & Spa, it is a pleasure to introduce our beautiful & charming Romantic Dinner Venue to you.

We offer full exclusivity in an intimate & romantic lake side setting overlooking Lake Victoria. Divine Resort & Spa is a beautiful and charming venue, and couples find it so delighting to be.

dinner at divine resort

It doesn’t have to be a special occasion to treat your partner to a romantic meal. There’s a time to dine with big groups and there’s a time to go el cheapo but when you’re planning an anniversary or a special date night out and about town, it’s best to take it up a notch with a proper sit-down dinner with all the trimmings.

Divine Resort & Spa is the place to be, the very best value-for-money, romantically lit venue to wine and dine in Uganda. Let’s get in the mood for love.

Our Enchanting Outdoor Area Encourages Moments of Conviviality and Serenity

Love at Divine Resort

More than just our famous experience in creating memories for couples, Divine Resort & Spa comes with new surprises:  the intimate dining venue comes flanked with drinking shelves and an impressive lake side experience, and even offers an affordable introduction to what the chef has to offer – from cocktails sweetened with seasonal fruits to wild-caught chutoro carpaccio.

Positioned on the Divine Stretch of Lake Victoria, Divine Resort Offers a Touch of Happiness

Stepping into Divine Resort & Spa feels like entering a new zone of love. Only, that warm dining space belongs to Divine Resort, a well-loved island resort of Mpatta Peninsula.

You’ll find quiet lovely venue and couple dining enclaves, each divided by the nice set ups vectors and lovely furnishings that’ll make for a charming and top-class romantic evening.