Resort Games

Resort Games

Enjoy Engaging Sports Activities at the Resort

We are dedicated to making you reflect and connect with your inner self in a very specialized way. Our game packages are everything one needs on their holiday or vacation time. Truly sensational!

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Playing volleyball requires agility, strength, and stamina. You must quickly move and change directions using high-intensity, short-duration muscle contractions. This helps strengthen your muscles and give your endurance. You also gain unique physical and mental health benefits.

The other key reason why we provide this activity to our guests is to help them lower stress and develop self confidence in whatever in them.

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The game of chess is loved all over the world. From Amsterdam to Zhengzhou, people gather in living rooms, pubs, plazas, and libraries to match wits over the cherished checkered board.

Why is it that people are willing to devote such time to the game? It’s undoubtedly the fact that chess involves an intense intellectual challenge that’s very good for the health of your mind. The game literally helps you boost your creativity, deepens your planning, Improves memory and protects you against dementia.

Divine Resort & Spa takes care of this for its Chess lovers to enjoy their holiday.

Chess games

Card Games

Playing card games can be seen as just a fun pastime by most people. However, there are often hidden benefits involved in developing the skills required for many of the games out there. There are tons of table top card games you can play such as solitaire and cribbage. The benefits of these games can range from improved math skills to increased sense of self-esteem as a person improves in games that require skill and know-how instead of just games of chance. These benefits can increase even more if you look at elderly populations that often struggle with things like memory loss or decreased cognitive functions.

Divine Resort & Spa ensures that all our guests have this game option for their relaxation.

Playing Cards


Soccer – 35,000 for non residents, free for residents

Basket Ball – 35,000 for non residents, free for residents