$100 / per night
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Tent Beds & Mattresses
300 m²

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We  offer a fantastic range of vacation tents so that every guest can find their perfect home away from home.

Nestled in the lush greenery, you can enjoy the quiet of the garden surrounding the room. The Deluxe Villa Tent comprises a spacious area with fitting mattress . Outside a cozy green area provides a private spot for guests to sit out and enjoy lush tropical and lake Victoria views of the resort.

Set atop the upper hilly area of the resort, guests have easy access to all the resorts facilities and dining areas and even enjoy a better view of Lake Victoria. The pristine peninsula and beautiful reefs that surround the island are just a few steps away from the resort.

By booking your stay here, you can find yourself staying inside some of the most beautiful spaces in the entire world. Come experience it at our camp here at the resort


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Room Reviews

Roselyn Ramanda
Roselyn Ramanda - Kampala, Uganda

Very good breakfast with great variety. The staff is amazing helped us and were extremely welcoming.

Karen Kyemigisha
Karen Kyemigisha - Entebbe, Uganda

Everything was absolutely great, staff were excellent and helpful. Room was spacious and clean. Breakfast was great.